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Use Case: Improving Presentation Skills with Morph Transition in PowerPoint

The audience for this micro-learning video is corporate employees who need to create modern and engaging presentations, but have not kept up with the latest features and capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Objective: The objective of this micro-learning video is to teach employees how to use the morph transition in PowerPoint to create more dynamic and engaging presentations.

Key Outcomes: By the end of this micro-learning video, employees should be able to:

  • Understand the benefits and advantages of using the morph transition in PowerPoint

  • Apply the morph transition feature to various objects and images in their presentations

  • Customize the morph transition effect to fit the theme and style of their presentation

  • Combine the morph transition with other visual elements to create a more impactful presentation

Content Outline:

  1. Introduction to the morph transition feature in PowerPoint and its benefits

  2. Step-by-step process of using the morph transition feature in PowerPoint, including inserting an object or image, applying the morph transition, and customizing the effect

  3. Examples of practical applications of the morph transition in different scenarios, such as showcasing a product, presenting data, or demonstrating a process



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